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Welcome to our Technical FAQ - Spin Air Air Sampler page. Here you will find some tips and tricks, and answers to our frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not listed, please reach out to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Here at Neutec Group we are always happy to assist you in getting the most out of our instrument solutions. 


Does the Spin Air air sampler require calibration?
Yes. The Spin Air requires in house calibration at Neutec Group's facility. The Spin Air is delivered with a calibration certificate indicating date of calibration and is valid for one year. We recomend sending the unit in every year for a preventative maintanance and calibration done by a factory trained technician on Neutec premises. Unit will be checked and cleaned, returned with a calibration document, and a label on the unit. Loaner units availble during the calibration - please inquire.
How can I clean the Spin Air air sampler?
The Spin Air may be cleaned with a wet towel with a solution of 80% alcohol. No residue will remain on the instrument.
What kind of battery does the Spin Air air sampler use?
The Spin Air uses rechargeable Ni-Metal Hydride 7.2V internal battery pack, which allows the Spin Air to work up to 8 hours (without the daughter unit connected).
There are obvious dimples in the plates agar surface after sampling. What could be causing this?
If you notice dimples on the agar surface after sampling, it is most likely due to the rotation of your unit being set to 0. If your unit has the plate rotation options (i.e., Spin Air and Spin Air Basic) set the RPM to 1-4. If the RPM is already set between 1-4 and you still notice dimpleson the agar surface, it is most likely a result of the turntable mechanism malfunctioning. The unit should be sent in for repairs.