Importance of Reliable Water Activity Testing Results

In a time where water activity testing based on prediction is promoted, we want to remind you of the importance of reliable water activity testing results. Reliable testing needs time, no matter the instrument you are using, and predictions do not meet standard methods.

Let's be honest - A review of Water activity measurement methods

Dr. Brady Carter - Application scientist provides a non biased review of the pros and cons of the four different methods of measuring water activity

Dr. Brady Carter's Honest Review of Novasina's LabMaster Neo

Dr. Brady Carter's honest review of Novasina's LabMaster NEO.

00:00 Introduction

00:50 Key Elements Dr. Brady Carter is looking for

04:09 Accuracy

06:12 Maintenance

08:26 Ease of Verification

10:37 Sensor Hysteresis

13:29 Integrity of the Chamber Seal

15:27 Ability to Adjust Equilibrium Settings

18:42 Ability to Detect True Equilibrium

21:42 Ability to Measure Samples with Volatiles

24:13 Temperature Control

26:00 Data Control

27:12 Summary

What is Water Activity?


Walter is the quality control manager for “Good Times Baked Goods”, a leading pastry company.

Recently, Walter has been receiving complaints about his famous cupcakes spoiling well before their expiration date.

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You have a water activity meter - now what?

Brady Carter, senior application scientist from Neutec Group, explains in this short video the importance of water activity measurement and what can be learnt from the results for shelf life prediction and quality control