Vacuum Concentrator, Laboratory Freeze Dryer - Vacuum Aspiration Pump
Vacuum Concentrator, Laboratory Freeze Dryer - Vacuum Aspiration Pump

Vacuum Aspiration Pump - VacSafe 15


VacSafe 15 is a compact, transportable and strong 15 l/min - low vacuum to 6 mbar - vacuum pump. VacSafe 15 uses no oil and no membranes only water. The mechanical vacuum pump never breaks and is completely maintenance free. The pump traps all vapours and any liquids from the work process and avoids their release into the room, thereby ensuring the safety of the operators. The pump takes up no space, is easily cleanable and with a low weight of 4 kg inclusive of water allows convenient transportation.

Features and Benefits

High performance - The high capacity of 2 × 10 L/min or 1 × 15 L/min and the low ultimate vacuum of 20 hPa ensure the highest performance for most applications.
Vibration free - Water acts as vibration damper compensating for any vibrations developed in the laboratory or during the process giving a vibration free vacuum process.
Environmentally friendly - Traps all vapors and condensates by preventing release of organic solvents, acids and other residues into the drain and laboratory environment but into a clean and controllable closed container systems
Economic - Maintenance free with no oil or expensive unpractical, membrane change. Corrosion resistant and strong cleanable design. Long life time - it never breaks. Saves energy - RotaSafe uses only 500 Watts – compared to normal vacuum and cooling systems.- CO2 emission saver. Involves no expensive spare parts
User-friendly - Noiseless, Portable, Compact and easy cleanable for safe handling of even highly hazardous material. Can be supplied with foot switch for easy start / stop.
The Water jet alternative - Saves up to 5 tons of valuable tap water per working day. When compared to traditional water jet systems with a pay back time less than 3 months.

Technical data

Specifications VacSafe 15 Q VacSafe 15 S
Air capacity (1 atm.), L/min: 2 × 10 or 1 × 15 2 × 10 or 1 × 15
Ultimate vacuum:
24 ºC, hPa:
2 ºC, hPa:
Time for reaching 50 hPa (at 25 ºC ), min 6 6
Noise level at max. flow, dB(A) < 53 < 53
Power, V/Hz: 230/50,
Power consumption, W: 100 100
Materials: Polycarbonate tank
steel AISI 304
steel tank
Weight, kg: 3 4
Includes: 2 separate pipes 2 separate pipes

VacSafe 15 Info