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Vacuum Concentrator, Laboratory Freeze Dryer - Vacuum Aspiration Pump

Vacuum Aspiration Pump - VacSafe 15

VacSafe 15 is a compact, transportable and strong 15 l/min - low vacuum to 6 mbar - vacuum pump. VacSafe

Vacuum Concentrators ScanSpeed MaxiVac, Laboratory Freeze Dryer

Vacuum Concentrators ScanSpeed / MaxiVac

ScanSpeed MaxiVac Alpha This system offers the versatility of fast vacuum concentrating and drying of biological and non-biological materials within a

We are proud to offer vacuum concentrators and freeze dryers made by Labogene Denmark - world specialists in the fields of low temperature cooling and trapping.

The brand ScanVac has evolved from the former Scandinavian product line and is synonymous with "the world’s best" in Freeze Drying, Vacuum Concentration and Cold Traps.

This line of products includes a range of small and large capacity Freeze Dryers & Cold Traps offering faster drying speeds, lowest temperatures (compared to other freeze dryers on the market), easy maintenance free operation and a wide range of chambers and accessories. High Performance, Environmentally Friendly, Convenience and Comfort and Economical are key words in describing this product line.

The line includes nine bench top models, offered with either -55 ºC or -110 ºC condenser temperatures and 4, 9 or 15 liter capacities. Also available, are two floor standing models, offered with either -55 ºC or -90 ºC condenser temperatures and 80 liter capacity. Units are available as Basic units, or PRO versions with full microprocessor programming for time, temperature and pressure for optional pressure regulation, documentation or computer control.

The ScanVac family of Vacuum Concentrators enables easy and reproducible concentration of biological samples. These modular systems are comprised of the small capacity ScanSpeed Mini-Vac and the larger capacity ScanSpeed Maxi-Vac vacuum centrifuges, CoolSafe Cold Traps, the VacSafe vacuum pump and trolley/rack for full integration and convenience. Freeze drying can also be performed with these combinations, thus creating a truly versatile combination for today’s bio-scientist. Teflon coating is available for HCl and TFA applications.

The CoolSafe line of freeze dryers is comprised of a wide range of solutions from small machines with 4 liter condenser volume up to of more than 80 liters. Ice capture rates for the freeze dryers ranges from 2.5 kg/24 hour up to 10 kg/24 hours. Drying is available in chambers, manifolds, ampoules, flasks or trays, with electrical heated shelves. Complete fully automatic PC controlled units also available for stoppering and bulk freeze drying.

To learn about the freeze drying & vacuum concentration Process press here.

The VacSafe is a high performance vibration free, portable and noiseless vacuum pump. It is maintenance free with unbreakable mechanical parts. It is environmentally friendly, as it traps uncondensed vapors and liquids released during the vacuum concentration process and thus prevents harmful contamination of the laboratory. In the process it also saves expensive oils, membranes, water and energy and other spare parts.

LaboGene, is a Danish company which specializes in development, production and sales of laboratory and industrial equipment within the technologies of Laminar Flow, Vacuum and Cooling. Labogene, and the ScanVac line are an evolve and development of what was previously known as Scandinavian brand. The products, which have been further developed, represent new and modern technological successors but also complete existing accessories which you maybe already have in the laboratory.

Features and Benefits

Environmental friendly traps all vapors and condensates by preventing expulsion of organic solvents, acids and other containments into the drain and laboratory environment
Seamless condenser and cooling coil outside the condenser with no seams or joints allows longer life easier cleaning, faster drying cycle and ultimately better results
Large versatile accessory program includes Teflon coating for HCl and TFA applications

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