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Moisture balance AGS120

Powerful moisture analyzer with 250W of drying power, up to 250C


The AGS120 is our most powerful moisture analyzer. With 250W of drying power, a temperature range up to 250C, and 0.001g resolution the analyzer delivers unmatched performance. Designed to withstand even the most demanding applications. This analyzer features a heavy duty all metal housing, and is equipped with USB, RS232, and PS2 ports which allow for quick and stable PC connection.

Application Areas:

  • All forms of pastries and baked goods 
  • Meat and Sausages
  • Cheese
  • Fruit Concentrates
  • Dried Foodstuffs
  • Drugs
  • Cosmetics

Technical Data: 

Maximum Capacity 120g
Readability (d) 0.001g
Repeatability (Standard Deviation) 0.001g
Linearity +/- 0.002g
Tare Range -120g
Accuracy Class II
Analyzer Resolution 0.1%
Maximum Drying Temperature 250°C
Sampling Time 1 second to 180 seconds
Maximum Drying Time 10 hours
Drying Power 250W
Warm-up Time Approximately 30 seconds
Pan Dimension 90 mm (3.5 in)
Drying Chamber Dimensions 108 x 20 mm (4.2x0.8 in)
Scale Dimensions 215 x 345 x 200 mm (8.5 x 13.6x 7.9 in)
Warrany 36 months


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