Automated Plate Pouring System, Automatic Plate Pourer - NBA30 NBA60 Floor Media Preparator

Proficlave NBA30, NBA60 Floor Media Preparator

Two models of up to 30 and 60 liters media capacity.
Both models can accommodate plain or complex vitamin / blood added agar formulations

Manufacturer: BioTool Swiss AG

Proficlave NBA30/60 Floor Media Agar Preparator

With our innovative line of floor agar and media preparation sterilizers you can prepare up to 60 liters of plain or complex vitamin/blood added agar formulations easier and faster than ever.

Enhanced user programming capabilities, operating parameter print-out (integrated in the front panel), external control functions (front panel connection), best stirring control, and full metal housing all make the Proficlave the best media preparator in its class! It accurately maintains the agar's temperature in any stage of the single or double cycle process to make sure that the media is sterilized and does not solidify.

Equipped with intuitive intelligent software, accessible via a convenient touch screen, training on how to use the NBA 30 and 60 is short and easy.

Drawing upon many years of experience on the needs of laboratories and through consultation with leading researchers, BioTool AG has developed a new generation of high-quality agar and media preparation instruments and media sterilizers with enhanced performance and reliability to accelerate the workflow in your laboratory.

Features and Benefits

Prepares agar and buffers  from 1 up to 30 liters (NBA30) and 60 liters (NBA60), stirred and temperature controlled
Vessel access is amazingly simple - no bolts or tools required
Stores up to 3 * 20 user-defined programs (single or double cycle programs)
Water jacket design enables even heating within the vessel
Fully controlled stirrer with variable speeds and enhanced magnetic coupling w/o seals or shafts
PT100 controlled temperature probe for agar & surrounding water jacket
Easy vessel access - no bolts or tools required
Multiple purpose (agar and media preparation, media sterilizer, bench top autoclave and stable water bath) Timer function enabling Agar pouring at work starting point
Unique atmospheric pressure measures and boiling point correction for reliable sterilization

Technical data

Enhanced Work Flow
Volumes 30 liters of media - model NBA30, and 60 liter of media with model NBA60
Cycle speed 90 min from start to finish - ready to pour with model NBA30
110 min with model NBA60 in full capacity
Monitoring Temperature monitoring & pressure control during full process. (PT100 probe)
Measurement Measurement & display accuracy of 0.1°C.
Automation Fully automatic heating, sterilizing, cooling with counter pressure and temperature stabilization
Programming Multiple storable programs for each mode of operation.
Software Intuitive intelligent software, accessible via a convenient touch screen.
Multilingual software.
Vessel Easily removable inner vessel and automatic self-cleaning cycle simplifies clean up.
Additives Extra large, separate sample addition port for large volume additions of supplements.
Mechanical and Electrical Security Features
Safety Mechanical pressure gauge, operating independently of the power supply.
Auto Lock Auto-lock of outer safety lid with bolt catch, no lid opening during operation possible.
Pre Test Pre process pressure test, preventing an operation start before proper vessel seals.
Automatic initialization and execution of a self-test.
Pressure Pressure sensor and pressure valve prevents over pressuring the vessel.
Thermostats Safety thermostats protect against overheating.
Pressure Pump Pressure pump preventing flash boiling during cool-down. Front load for air filter.
Certification CE certified
Touch Screen Operation
Touch Screen Program data, parameters and operating status are displayed clearly on an easy to read, backlit graphic display.
Entries are made via touch keys (soft-keys) and a numeric keypad.
Backlit graphics display are easy to read.
Operator prompting freely selectable by the user.
Self-monitoring of all device functions (motors and switches).
Connection facility for a higher-level host PC.

Healthcare and diagnostic labs
Food research and quality assurance labs
Agriculture research and quality assurance labs
Pharma and Biotech industries
Veterinary diagnostics labs

Technical data

Electrical data
Parameter Value Remarks
Supply Voltage: mains voltage 208VAC +/- 10%
3 x 400VAC +/- 10%
50/60 Hz
50/60 Hz
Power Consumption NBA30
Max. operation
Max. operation
Mechanical data and environment
Parameter Value Remarks


W x H x D

NBA30: 22X29X29.5 Inches

NBA60: 29.5X35.5X35.5 inches





NBA60 : 

not including packaging / Including packaging
Ambient Temperature +5ºC to 40ºC  
Water Connection 3/4"  
Accuracy of Sterilization Temperature Displayed 0.1ºC  
Quality of Steel Used 1.4301  
Water Tubing 1.5m, 3/4 Inch With standard thread
Maximum Pressure of Cooling Water 4 Bar  
Water Quality (Coupling Medium) Distilled or deionized water  
Cooling Water Quality Water hardness 
Cooling Water Temperature 5ºC to 25ºC  
Software Parameters
Parameter Value Remarks
Sterilization Programs 20  
Autoclave Programs 20  
Water bath Programs 20  
Pressure less Sterilization Yes On each program individually
Blood Agar (Sterilization and Cooking) Yes On each program individually
Sterilization Temperature 70ºC - 122ºC  
Sterilization Time 1 - 120 min.  
Max. Dispensing Time 300 min.  
Stirrer Speed 20 - 200 rpm. Variable
Printer Yes Print cycle 15 sec. to 10 min.
Unit of Measure ºC  
Graphic Display 240 x 128 pixels With LED backlighting
Touch Yes  
Interfaces RS232 Connection to host