Automated Colony Counter, Colony Counter Microbiology - Robotic Colony Counter Plate Handler
Automated Colony Counter, Colony Counter Microbiology - Robotic Colony Counter Plate Handler

Robotic Colony Counter - Plate Handler

Manufacturer: IUL S.A.
SKU: 90004300

State of the art, plate handling device that allows robotic colony counting of 240 plates per hour, the Plate - Handler offers a hands-free solution for large capacity labs.

The Flash & Grow colony counter unit is mounted high on the right side of the Plate Handle. This option is available as an upgrade at any time.

80 plate carrousel is loaded, and 20 plates column is pushed into position, where each plate bar code is read (if option requested), lid removed and plate counted on the Flash & Grow reading stage. The plate lid is placed back, and the unit continues to the next plate.

The unit allows flexible loading of various plate types with diverse back ground colors and colonies growth.

  • True one push button operation with no need to stand next to the counter with great R.O.I.
  • 80 plates are counted in 20 minutes from an interchangeable carousel.
  • Compact footprint with a quiet operation.

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Features and Benefits

Increase your lab productivity
Powerful software guides smooth transition
High reproducibility on every count
Precision motion controls results in quiet operation
Bar Code reader increases lab productivity
Preset programs for various agar plates
Compact unit with a small footprint

Technical data

Petri Dishes Any plastic model of 90mm diameter
Carrousel Capacity From 80 to 96 plates according height
Processing Time 20 minutes complete carrousel
Imaging Device CCD Video camera
Background Field Black or white interchangeable
Power 100/240VAC, 50/60 Hz., 500W
Dimensions (WxHxD) 33"x33.5"x13.8" / 840x850x350 mm.
Weight 108 lbs / 49 Kg.
Attachment Can be mounted to Automatic Colony Counter

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