Amphasys Teams Up With Neutec Group

Neutec Group is proud to announce our partnership with Amphasys for North American Distribution.  Amphasys’ patented “lab-on-chip” technology enables efficient and reproducible determination of pollen viability, ploidy and developmental stages of microspores. In collaboration with the New York based Neutec Group, the highly innovative solutions from Amphasys are now made available to customers in the U.S.A. and in Canada.

Plant breeders know by experience that pollen quality is influenced by many factors like temperature, light and chemical agents. Amphasys provides a standardized, reliable and easy-to-use method that allows a fast and reproducible analysis of pollen viability.

The outlet or battery powered instrument is equally suited for sophisticated research in the lab as well as for applications directly in the field. The flexibility of use and the label free analysis are unmatched in the area of microfluidic single cell analysis.

“The wave of interest we experience from seed companies is spreading from Europe to the USA. It proves that there is a real need in the industry for easy and reliable pollen analysis,” says Dr. Marcel Ottiger, Executive Partner and Co-Founder of Amphasys. “We are excited to have been able to team up with a well-established local distributor who meets our high expectations in terms of customer orientation and service delivery.”

“We have been closely involved in providing unique solutions to large agricultural and seed companies. Working with Amphasys and their cutting edge technologies, comes as a natural fit to our product line and customer base” states Ronen Neutra, CEO of Neutec Group. “We are confident that our customers will immediately see and benefit from the high ROI that Amphasys’ solutions have to offer.” 

The introduction of Amphasys’ solutions to the U.S. will take place at the International Plant & Animal Genome Conference from January 9 to 13, 2016 in San Diego.

About Amphasys

Amphasys is a Swiss high-tech company providing premium quality, label-free solutions for analysis of single cell characteristics such as cell size and morphology, viability (apoptosis), or cell differentiation. The patented, chip-based technology eliminates time-consuming, complex sample preparation steps like cell labeling and the need of expensive laboratory infrastructure.

About Neutec Group, Inc.

Founded in 2003, Neutec Group provides the North American market with comprehensive, world-class laboratory, on-line and field systems of the highest quality for Research and Development and Quality Assurance in Academia, Agriculture, Food and Pharma. In a joint venture with premier instrument manufacturers from around the world, our products are distinguished by innovative design, durability, reliability, and value.