Microbiology Labs Work-Flow Solutions


Follow the work flow in a classic microbiology laboratory.

From Sample prep (diluting and mixing) to Spiral inoculation, incubation and than colony count, Neutec Group carries few tiers of innovative products and levelsof automation, suitable for any microbiology lab, based on your work load, sample volume and method used, to increase your lab productivity, cost savings and through-put.

Our in-house team of specialists and highly trained engineers will take care of servicing, maintaining, and calibrating the equipment for you. Let us know if you need any assistance!

Microbiology as easy as 1 2 3

1. Sample preparation

2. Inoculation

Spiral Plate, Automated Spiral Plater - Eddy Jet 2 Spiral Plater

Eddy Jet 2W - Spiral Plater


LabFlame IR Activated Safety Bunsen Burner

3. Colony counting

Automated Colony Counter, Colony Counter Microbiology - Robotic Colony Counter Plate Handler

Robotic Colony Counter - Plate Handler

Multispectral & Hyperspectral Imaging Cameras - Multispectral Imaging/VideometerLab 4

Multispectral Imaging / VideometerLab 4

 Other Microbiology equipment

Test Tube Filling Machine, Test Tube Filler - Tube and Bottle FIller XY TF-3000

Tube and Bottle Filler XY TF-3000