As published in Manufacturing Chemist, Jan 2012

By Dr. Brady Carter

Keywords: Quality Control, PAT, QbD, Counterfeits, Imaging

Multispectral imaging unlocks valuable information on both quality and safety of pharmaceutical materials. Parameters measureable by multispectral imaging such as colour, texture, gloss, shape, and size provide useful information on a finished product, on the raw materials, or on the manufacturing process itself.  Multispectral imaging provides a rapid quality assessment of uniform and inhomogeneous samples alike by combining information on all of the above parameters automatically in just a few seconds, requiring no sample preparation and leaving the material intact.

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November 2017 -New LGC report evaluates a number of exciting VideometerLab applicationsvml lgc pic
LGC: "MSI represents an emerging analytical technology within the food sector with the potential to augment or even replace multiple current tests with a single flexible platform."

The full report can be downloaded here>>