Tube and Bottle Fillers

Are you lloking to automate this tedious activty of filling tubes or bottles? Tubes and bottles filling has never been this fast and easy

The new TF-3000 from Biotool Swiss automated tube and bottle filler automates the repetitive labor intensive process of filling of tubes & bottles. Set up is easy, just place the rack* (you can practically use most commercial rack in the market - * as long as it fits on the filling platform and the tubes are held tightly in place and kept in an upright straight position), train the intelligent yet simple to use software about the position of your racks, size of tubes and requested filling volume and let the TF-3000 do the rest.

The TF-3000 comes as a system with an integrated peristaltic pump that is controlled by the software.

The LED guided arm, will start moving in precision from tube to tube filling up the desired volume freeing the lab technician from this tedious time consuming task.

Free positioning of most racks*
Intuitive software
True walk away tube/bottle filling
Large 15.5 x 21 inch usable surface
Use of tubes/bottles up to 25cm high with a capacity of up to 1.6 liter/min
Optional costum laser cut platforms for quick exchange between jobs
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Features and Benefits

Large flexible surface accommodates most racks* of tubes or bottles
Quick easy set up with an integrated peristaltic pump
Flexible easy to use software allows simple programming of tubes or bottles positions

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Test Tube Filling Machine, Test Tube Filler - Tube and Bottle FIller XY TF-3000

Tube and Bottle Filler XY TF-3000

Flexible automated lab test tube and bottle filler


The Tube and Bottle Filler XY TF-3000 Z-axis can be adjusted to accommodate up tube or bottles up to 25cm or 9.8"

The Tube and Bottle Filler XY TF-3000 has a built in peristaltic pump that can be used in conjunction with an automated media prepartor or any other vessel that contains your media or agar.

The Tube and Bottle Filler XY TF-3000 computer software has full control on dispensing speed. There are also options for a faster peristaltic pump for as well as different size tubing to control accuracy at these higher dispensing speeds.

The Tube and Bottle Filler XY TF-3000 can be used with virtually any type of rack that holds the tubes firmly in place so the tubes are not moving during dispensing and the tube rack can fit the dimensions of the TF-3000

The Tube and Bottle Filler XY TF-3000 can utilize our variable positioning grid. This is a flexible grid that can be used to hold various racks in place on the platform.
Alternatively, we offer fabrication of platforms that would hold your rack in the same position and will allow quick loading and unloading

The Tube and Bottle Filler XY TF-3000 is recommend for dispensing volumes of 1ml and higher. There is no maximum limitation but larger volumes then 250ml would take a long time.

The Peristaltic pump is included with the XY tube filler. It's a peristaltic pump that is optimized for filling tube and bottles - few pump options available - pls. inquire based on your needs

The software for the XY tubefiller fills all racks that have been programmed. After it has finished the last rack the user needs to restart the program.

The XY tubefiller has a filling precision of 98% with water with a CV less than 2%.