Spiral Plating

Compared to standard seeding plate methods, spiral plating has long been proven to reduce time and operating costs. It allows for at least 3 dilutions on one plate and by doing so, eliminates up to 75% of materials and time required, in standard methods. Most spiral plating systems use a reusable stylus prone to clogging, and cross contamination. They require lengthy, time consuming washing cycles.

 Neutec has a solution for this!

Our Eddy Jet 2W automated spiral plater with disposable tips, was designed to help laboratory technicians utilize their time and resources more effectively. With our Eddy Jet 2 automated spiral plater:

  • Accuracy and reproducibility are greater than 99%
  • Plates are processed in well under 1 minute
  • Cross-contamination is eliminated because tips are disposable
  • There is no need for washing chemical solutions, and time-consuming washing cycle
  • There is no downtime due to vacuum failure

Once plates are ready to be counted, our automated colony counter,The Sphere Flash, makes counting spiral plates and calculating final CFU/ml very easy.

Over the years we have assisted numerous microbiology laboratories in  Food, Pharma, Biotech and Agriculture automate their seeding and counting processes. Our in-house team of specialists and highly trained engineers will take care of servicing, maintaining, and calibrating the equipment for you. Let us know if you need any assistance!

What solution is best for my application?

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Automated Colony Counter, Colony Counter Microbiology - Flash Sphere Automated Colony Counter

A SphereFlash® – Automated Colony Counter

Sphere Flash Automated Colony Counter

Spiral Plate, Automated Spiral Plater - Eddy Jet 2 Spiral Plater

Eddy Jet 2W - Spiral Plater

The Best Spiral Plater just got Better! Quicker, Quieter and

Spiral Plate, Automated Spiral Plater - Manual Colony Counter with Light DOT

Manual Colony Counter with Light DOT

120mm magnifying glass with built in top light


Yes - Spiral plating is a proven technology that has been in use since 1975, it is AOAC approved and is listed in the Bacterial Analytical Manual as a method for performing bacterial enumeration.

(AKA: “I really like the smell of bleach in the morning..”)

The use of disposable syringes will completely eliminate the risk of false negative results due to bleach residues left in the tip. In addition, you can be assured that no left over residues from one sample will find its way to the next sample. This combined with the fact that no pump or bleach is needed (No down time for cleaning processes) gets you a winning combination!

There are 2 ways to count the amount of colonies on spiral plate:

  • You can count the colonies using our automated colony counter the SphereFlash or any other automatic colony counter with a spiral software installed
  • You can use any manual colony counter with special grid that is supplied with the Eddy Jet – (Method as described in the instruction manual) and calculate the CFU/ml with the folmula provided

Yes - The Eddy-Jet comes from the factory with a certificate of performance, multiple tests are performed on each unit (gravimetric to bacteriological) to insure the Eddy-Jet is plating properly.
However laboratories who wish to perform routine validation tests can do so by a preset program that will dispense known amounts of liquid on the plate. After the Eddy-Jet dispenses the liquid you will be able to weight the sample and verify the accuracy of the unit.

Our Eddy-Jet spiral plater utilizes patented disposable tips with an opening size of the syringe of 0.7mm (diamenter). Any particle smaller than that could pass through. As a result - the common problem of clogging the instrument is avoided by using a fresh syringe every cycle with no down time.
Other Spiral Plater use a stainless still tip or plastic tube that often clogs and requires a lengthy process to clean and open.

NO – The Eddy-Jet comes with all the commonly used spiral protocols already in memory. The user has to choose from a menu the protocol of choice based on volume / logarithmic/exponential etc.

Yes – The syringes are supplied in 4 individual boxes of 250 (25 magazines of 10 syringes) and are gamma radiated, sealed and marked for expiration time. Certificate of radiation can be supplied with the syringes upon request.

Yes – We offer loaner programs that will allow you to try the Eddy Jet at your own lab, please call our toll free number 1-888-810-5179 and ask for availability in your area!

Most of the Protocols presets we offer with the Eddy Jet Spiral Plater are industry standards that were developed by various manufacturers in the 15-20 years since this method became a common method.

By offering all the different protocols out there, user of “older units” would not have to do a lengthy validation process when they upgraded to the Eddy Jet, rather, use their existing protocol which was programmed into the memory of the unit.

Some of the protocols use exponential or logarithmic distribution of the sample on the plate, so that a 3 fold dilution (1-1000) will be forming on a 100mm plate. The linear and lawn protocols, however do not get that dilution rather offer an ever distribution on the plate. Again, the different protocol names, (C, D…) and volumes (49.2, 50 100ul) can be used to your choice with no real preference, thus the most important to remember, is to read the plates using the exact protocol (if using automation i.e. with our Flash & Grow colony counter ) or with the right volumes of liquids calculated in the formulas as presented the instruction manual (when using manual readings).

The Eddy Jet 2 spiral plater takes less than 10 minutes to learn and is user friendly.

The Eddy Jet 2 sample beaker can hold up to 5ml of sample. The minimum volume will need to be enough to allow (0.5ml plus) the syringe tip to draw in the required sample volume . If the available sample volume is low, there is an option to use a U bottom micro tube instead of the beaker.

For replicate plating of the same sample, the Eddy Jet 2 spiral plater can be programmed to re-use a syringe tip multiple times.

The Eddy Jet 2 spiral plater will save you 60% plates and agar by performing 3 10 fold dilutions on 1 plate. This will also save you the time inoculating 3 separate plates.

The Eddy Jet 2 spiral plater employs sterile disposable micro-syringes to eliminate sources of sample contamination. No vacuum source is required. No decontamination or washing cycles are required. Cycle time of less than 45 seconds. Reproducible to +/- 1%.

If there is a clog simply eject the syringe from the eddy jet 2 spiral plater and replace the plate. The unit will quickly retrieve another tip and plate the sample on the next plate 

The Eddy Jet 2 spiral plater can work under a biosafety cabinet or in an anaerobic chamber. Check the dimension in our spec sheet.