Our Price: $545.00

The Microcinerator is designed to sterilize metal inoculating loops and needles without using an open flame; eliminating aerosaling of micro organisms. By using infrared heat inside a ceramic tube, the Microcinerator protects your laboratory technicians from dangerous gases, flames and splatter. After reaching its optimum sterilization temperature 815°C (1500°F), the loop or needle is sterilized within 5-7 seconds. The heating element is protected by a perforated stainless steel cowl.

Unlike other models with fixed burner assemblies, this Microincinerator can be adjusted to five different positions in 8° increments (-8° - +32°). The ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue by allowing the user to access the burner from multiple positions.

Features and Benefits

Rapid & precise for fast loop nealing
Uniform & constant heat for perfect bottle neck sterilization
Long lasting sterilizing tube
5-7 seconds* sterilization time